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TONY CAWLEY Psychotherapist & counsellor

“We are designed to grow stronger, wiser and evolve…” through our life experiences....

My approach has had plenty of time to evolve, so inevitably it's become a little more creative, and a little harder to describe.

It emerges differently for each person. However it is respectful, open, innovative, inclusive, organic and integrative.

Counselling offers a safe, non judgemental place to talk and be heard; a place to work things through at your own pace, its focus is more on the supportive relationship than on the mechanics of the mind. Although counselling sounds very gentle, it can, and often does go very deep.

As I practice it, this is an organic process, I'm not an engineer and you are not a broken engine. It usually has a way of happening quite naturally, but for some people it can go so far and then get stuck. If this happens, it's usually time to shift gear from counselling to psychotherapy. Although there is a massive overlap between the two, psychotherapy can go deeper by focussing more on the mechanics of the mind. The importance of a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship however, remains just as important. There are many ways of working within both disciplines; the above is just a brief overview.

Free half hour (no obligation) telephone consultation. If you have a simple question, or if you're not sure if I can help you, please ring me. I'll be happy to discuss the situation.

Who I work with I work with individuals of course, and I love to work with couples. I also occasionally run groups and workshops on a variety of subjects. I'm happy to work with any race, gender, or sexual orientation. LGBT affirmative.

I am a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and subscribe to their code of ethics. I am also a member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

How I Work

“We are designed to grow stronger, wiser and evolve…” through our life experiences....